Bookkeeping Costs for Small Businesses

Discover the Essentials of Bookkeeping:

At its core, what does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper’s fundamental role is to record a business’s transactions consistently. This encompasses various tasks, such as:

  • Recording financial activities and reconciling accounts regularly, whether weekly or monthly.
  • Managing bill payments promptly and accurately.
  • Generating and distributing invoices.
  • Handling payroll processing and documentation.
  • Monitoring and managing sales taxes, including GST/HST/PST, and ensuring timely filing.

The bookkeeper ensures that every transaction is accurately documented. The complexity of this responsibility varies based on factors like business size, transaction volume, and transaction types.

Understanding Traditional Bookkeeping Costs (Hourly Billing):

Typically, bookkeeping services are charged at an hourly rate, which is the traditional and widely used method. Here’s how it works:


Your bookkeeper tracks the time spent on your business activities and applies their hourly rate accordingly. This means that every call answered, email responded to, or task completed is accounted for.


Hourly rates in today’s market range from $30 to $110. Therefore, your service bill depends on the total time spent by your bookkeeper.


Considering these rates, the overall service costs typically fall within the following ranges:

  • Startup Businesses: Starting from $400 per month.
  • Small Businesses: Starting from $600 per month.
  • Medium Businesses: Starting from $1,000 per month.
  • Large Businesses: Starting from $2,000 or more per month.

However, this traditional approach has its drawbacks:

Fear of Inquiry: Clients may hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification from bookkeepers, fearing additional charges for each interaction.

Unexpected Bills: Clients might face surprise bills due to unforeseen additional work, leading to strained relationships between clients and bookkeepers.


At Pro Vision Bookkeeping, we advocate for transparency and foster an environment that empowers clients to ask questions without concerns about escalating costs. This is why we are confident that businesses can gain advantages from our fixed-price monthly packages.

Maximizing Value For Money With Monthly Packages For Accounting Needs

Maximizing value for money is essential for small businesses when considering bookkeeping costs. Monthly packages for accounting needs can provide a cost-effective solution by offering a comprehensive range of services at a fixed price. This allows small businesses to budget effectively and ensure they are getting the most out of their investment.


Several factors influence the cost of bookkeeping services for small businesses. These include the complexity of financial transactions, the volume of transactions, types of transactions (full cycle bookkeeping or only specific components of bookkeeping such as A/R, A/P, payroll, etc. ), the level of expertise required, the software and tools used, and whether additional services are included in the package.


Tailoring your bookkeeping package to meet your small business accounting needs is crucial for optimizing efficiency and minimizing expenses. We provide tailored bookkeeping packages to meet your specific requirements.


Even if you operate a business on a tight budget with relatively fewer transactions, but you realize the importance of precise financial records, we can assist you in sharing the workload and ensuring that everything is accurate.


By customizing our services to suit your business’s specific requirements, you can be confident that you are only paying for the necessary financial management services.

Unlocking the Mystery of Bookkeeping Costs

Ever wondered what drives the cost of bookkeeping? Let’s demystify it for you! Here’s a quick breakdown:

Factors Pushing Costs Up:

  • Murky Transactions: Fuzzy details lead to extra legwork, eating into your budget.
  • Incomplete Documentation: Missing pieces mean more hoops to jump through for approval, delaying the process.
  • Complexity Overload: When transactions resemble a Rubik’s cube, it takes extra effort to unravel them. We’re talking QuickBooks, Excel, and more for those multi-step mammoths!

Remember, timely and complete responses from your team can make all the difference in keeping those bookkeeping costs in check. Clarity, completeness, and simplicity are your allies in the battle against bloated bookkeeping bills! 

Factors Keeping Costs Down:

  • Clear Transactions: Crystal-clear records mean less time interpreting and more time crunching numbers.
  • Complete Source Documents: When everything’s in order from the get-go, there’s no need for back-and-forth approval hassles.
  • Minimal Steps: Streamlined processes save both time and money. Think one-stop posting in QuickBooks without the extra Excel dance.
  • Transaction Volume: More transactions, more time. It’s as simple as that. Keep it lean to keep costs down.

  • Responsive Authorized Persons: A quick nod of approval can make all the difference. Stay prompt and stay on budget!

Discover Transparent Pricing for Your Bookkeeping Needs with Pro Vision Bookkeeping!

Tired of the traditional pricing models that leave you guessing? At Pro Vision Bookkeeping, we’ve simplified it all! Here’s how we do it:


Fixed Price Guarantee: Say goodbye to surprises! We agree on a fixed price upfront so that you can focus on results, not inputs.


Tailored Service Packages: Choose exactly what you need from our comprehensive list of services. No more paying for extras you don’t use!


Allow us to provide you with a tailored estimate to suit the specific requirements of your business.

Our process to provide you with the estimate for the monthly bookkeeping package is clear and straightforward.


We’ll closely examine your current accounting activities, such as volume, types, and complexity of the transactions.



We’ll review your operational needs and identify your goals with you. This helps us understand your business and tailor our services to fit your unique needs.



We’ll tailor our services to match your business’s unique needs, ensuring you only pay for essential financial management services. Together, we’ll carefully review your detailed list of your service preferences, discuss potential solutions, and provide you with an estimated monthly cost for our bookkeeping package.